Welcome to the New United Chemical

Welcome to the New United Chemical Online

I want to welcome you all to a project years in the making. I’ve had a vision of what a website worthy to carry the name United Chemical should be. After all, we believe in providing the best solutions, and educating our customers in every facet of what we do. We wanted to build a site that was more than just a catalog of products, but rather useful, educational, rewarding. While creating products is indeed an important part of what we do – it’s not the only thing we do – and that means having a site that does more than talk about products, but also provides solutions that don’t come in a bottle.

This is that site.

I am proud to introduce you to the new United Chemical website. Here I’ll give you a quick overview of what makes this more than your typical product site, and show some of the helpful features you can find here, so let’s “dive in” (pun intended).

Learning Center Visit Learning Center

A long-time project coming to fruition is our Learning Center. If you’re at all familiar with United Chemical, you know that we built ourselves around educating customers. In addition to the seminars we give at Pool Industry Tradeshows, and our technical support, we now have online classes to further empower you with knowledge. As time goes on, new classes will be added regarding pool chemistry, business and more. So head on over and check out the latest classes offered.

Support Center View Support

United Chemical has a reputation of providing the best technical support in the pool industry – and now we’ve raised the bar again. In our Support Center, you’ll find additional online tools to help you get answers quick and to solve your problems – along with the old standby’s of live personal help.


In this section, you’ll find available downloads from United Chemical – everything from product images for your website to MSDS sheets on the products. This section is always expanding – making sure whatever you need is one download away.


In addition to our online tools, you’ll find articles like this one – talking about a variety of subjects; from technical to business, written by our team of Solution Educators. Our goal is to keep you informed on the industry, and on your pool.

Pool Calculators

We have also taken care of the math of balancing a pool; with our Pool Calculators you can quickly calculate the balancing needs of your pool. Just type in a value, and our online calculator does the rest.

Q&A Forum 

Education is a discussion. That’s why we built an arena where you can get help from not just United Chemical, but other Pool Professionals and Homeowners. Odds are if have a question or a problem, someone else has had the same question – and can give you an answer based on their experience; it’s about creating a community of support – of learning – as we grow together.

Business Solutions See Business Solutions

We are dedicated to our business customers; when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we have developed solutions specifically designed to help add value to your business. Head on over and see what solutions are available for your type of business, and see what we can offer.

A special note to our Retailers: make sure to register to show on our online store locator, and get customers to your door.


I thank you for your support of United Chemical, and we hope you find our new site as a valuable tool for all your pool needs. And as it continues to develop and evolve, we want you to be a part of the process. So don’t be shy – let us know what you like and what you don’t, and you ideas on how we can make it better. Thanks for your help – and welcome to the new site!

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is CEO of United Chemical, and son of Company Founder, Jock Hamilton.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the New United Chemical

  1. Nick Vadasz says:

    I too have a pool service in Florida. I only have 13 pools at this point, but I’m retired, so that’s enough really. I’ve viewed several of your videos and thank you for posting them. the one I most recently viewed was your review on NoMor Problems. The pools I inherited were problem pools for another pool service. Example: I went through 50lbs of Zappit shock since January and 15 lbs of yellow treat. I maintain Cl around 3-4 and Ph @ 7.2-7.5 and Alk @ 70. Costing me a fortune. A friend of mine suggested No Mor Problems. A month ago I bought some from my supplier and gave it a shot. All I can say is I have No More Problems! I might add that it actually seemed to help balance my other chemicals as well. A couple of customers told me that this is the first June they can remember Not having algae. One customer actually said they went out in the morning because the water was so clear they thought the pool had drained. Quit a testimony for No Mor Problems.

    Nick ​Vadasz​

  2. rgmurry says:

    I need a pool closing kit and I don’t see one on your site…..I have a 30000 gal black plaster pool….in Wisconsin. So I need some quick help. Used No More Problems during summer and it worked great.

    • Shawn Potter says:

      Hello. We will be adding Winter Treat kits to the website very soon. In the meantime you can create your own winter kit with a bottle of No Mor Problems and a bottle of Pool Stain Treat. Hope this helps.

      NOTE: For Color Or Painted Plaster, Vinyl, Pebble or Aggregate Pools – ALWAYS PREDISSOLVE!
      Step 1: Drain pool to desired level.
      Step 2: Add 2 pounds of Pool Stain Treat® per 20,000 gallons of water.
      Step 3: Add 1 quart of No Mor Problems® per 20,000 gallons of water.
      Step 4: Add 4 pounds of granular, fast dissolving dichloro-s-triazinetrione
      or 8 pounds of lithium hypochlorite or 4 gallons of liquid sodium
      hypochlorite (pool bleach) or 4 pounds of bromine per 20,000
      gallons water.
      NOTE: Calcium hypochlorite may be used, but not recommended.
      Step 5: For best results, add 2 pounds chlorine to the water surface each
      month when the water is not frozen.

  3. rgmurry says:

    Thanks so much for your prompt response …..We have been battling problems with our pool for the last 2 years. Its been a real struggle to keep it clear for some reason. We have had this 30,000 gallon Black plaster pool for 20 years. We finally gave up on our pool stores here in Wisconsin. All they did was give us possible solutions that cost a fortune in chemicals. Nothing worked. Then one day a gentleman stopped at a rummage sale my wife was having and they struck up a conversation regarding the pool. the man said he had a pool and he has No Problems….He pointed out that since using No Mor Problems…he has crystal clear water. We threw caution to the wind and ordered the product. Needless to say after 24hrs the pool was clear and after 2 days its what I call “Gin Clear”. It has been that way ever since…when I had some questions about testing….the folks at United Chemical answered the question immediately….Amazing product, Amazing service!!!!! Thanks a million!!!
    Rick Murry

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