Pool Stain Treat®


5.00 out of 5

2 lb. treats 20,000 gallons
Keeps salt cells clean
Prevents metal stains for up to 60 days

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We understand your time is valuable: you don’t have time to look through 50 different products to find the one that works on your stain. You need something strong enough to take out the guess work. That’s why we have Pool Stain Treat® –  the most effective stain remover in the pool industry. t’s powerful chelating and sequestering formula removes all types of metal/mineral stains from any surface. It’s such a strong stain remover that it keeps stains from coming back for as long as 60 days after use.

Bottle Directions

  • Treatment:  Add 2 pounds (1 bottle) per 20,000 gallons of pool water in the following manner:
    • For Colored Plaster, Painted Surface, or Wide Spread Staining: Predissolve in a bucket of water, then broadcast evenly across pool surface to prevent streaking.
    • All Other Surfaces: Add the product directly to water in area of stain.
  • Prevention: Repeat treatment every 60 days to prevent the recurrance of staining.
  • Additional Tips
    • Pump: Turn off the pump if the pH falls below 7.2; otherwise leaving the pump on is optional.
    • Drop Chlorine: For better and faster results, allow the chlorine residual to drop to 1.0 ppm or less.
    • Avoid Shocking: Continuous shocking can lead to the reoccurance of staining.
    • Spotting Bags: for spot stains on white plaster and non-painted fiberglass, Pool Stain Treat is available in Spotting Bags.

Spotting Bag Directions


  1. Turn off all circulating pumps.
  2. Carefully remove inner bag.
  3. Place inner bag directly on the stain. Check stain every few minutes as some stain can lift faster than others.
  4. If a longer treatment is needed place a pool brush or skimming net on top of the bag overnight.
  5. Every 60 days, add 2 lbs. of Pool Stain Treat® per 20,000 gallons of pool water for general stain cleanup and prevention.

Pool Stain Treat SDS

Safety Data Sheet

Spotting Bag SDS

Safety Data Sheet


  1. Lester Seymour 978-887-5862

    Stain treat works well, however stains return without adding water to pool. DE filter is filtration. Water is crystal clear. Is it possible to prevent stains (tan colored Probably metal} from returning

    I am a long time customer of Stain Treat Purchased from Hydropool.

    • Scott Hamilton

      Great questions. I would look at to see if you’re adding any products with metals. The Pool Stain Treat should prevent the stains from coming back. You can check out this article in our support section that talks about preventing stains. Lastly, shocking can cause the stains to resurface – so if at all possible avoid shocking your pool. Hope that helps.

  2. Dominic

    Where do I get the spotting bags ? I cannot find them through a search.

  3. Joe

    Added one treatment of pool treat , cleared about 60% of stain. Added 2nd treatment hardly touched the remaining stains ???

    • Shawn Potter

      Joe, Pool Stain Treat stays in the water for about 6 weeks and will continue working during this time. The stain itself determines how quickly it can be removed. There is also the question of your water chemistry. When you have time please call our tech support number at 800-524-5550. I would like to go over the details of your water in relation to the stain. Thank you.

  4. Tim Franklin

    Our steps have “NEVER” been this clean ! Great results.

  5. Brenda Pitts

    Best stuff I have ever tried our steps where stained really bad an stain treat made them look almost new again love this stuff

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