No Mor Problems®


Prevents all types of algae and bacteria
Stabilizes chlorine reading
Eliminates shocking
Acts as a clarifier
Reduces filter cycles
Keeps filter clean
 Won’t Stain

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We believe in challenging the status quo and raising the bar – even if it’s us that set the bar. When No Mōr Problems® was first introduced, we had a clear vision: a pool without algae all season long. We wanted pools to live up to the name of having no more problems.


Our flagship product largely accomplished that – but it wasn’t perfect. Sure, pools never got algae on No Mōr Problems®, but if you missed a dose you might still get some. Sure you could use a lot less sanitizer, but testing the sanitizer could be difficult. It largely lived up to the name, but it could still be better.


Then we had our big breakthrough with Swamp Treat™: we discovered a formula that not only solved chlorine reading problems, but also made our algaecides exponentially stronger. We immediately thought of what this could mean for No Mōr Problems®.

No Mōr Problems® mk. II utilizes this breakthrough to not only gaurantee you’ll get an accurate strong chlorine reading, but also increases its efficacy as an algaecide. How much more effective is it? When we tested it, we saw a pool stay clean for over a month without filtration or sanitizer after one initial dose.


We kept in mind that habits are hard to break, so we also wanted to continue to make it as easy as possible by utilizing the same directions we’ve all become accustomed to. To use it, there’s no need to change what you’re doing – keep using it the same way you used old No Mōr Problems®.


Now we can truly say our No Mōr Problems® lives up to the name, making pools as easy and inexpensive to maintain as possible with less chemical and less headaches.

Keep your eye out for the change over to our new formula this year.

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling. Always add No Mor Problems® directly to pool or spa.

Note: This product is for prevention only. To remove algae, use one of our “Treat” algaecides before this product.

For every 5000 gallons of pool water, add 3 fluid ounces of No Mor Problems® DIRECTLY to the pool water. For every 5000 gallons of pool water, add chlorinating product to the pool water as directed by the label of an EPA registered chlorinating product. DO NOT ADD NO MOR PROBLEMS AND CHLORINATING PRODUCT DIRECTLY TOGETHER.

Use No Mor Problems® when adding chlorinating or brominating products directly to the pool water. Use the recommended dosage rate of a EPA Registered chlorinating or brominating product.

  • For Dry and Liquid Chlorine: Add 5 to 6 ounces of No Mor Problems for every 2 (3-inch) chlorinating tablets or every pound (dry) or gallon (liquid) chlorinating product.
  • For Lithium Hypochlorite: Add 3 fluid ounces for every pound of Lithium Hypochlorite.
  • For Bromine: Add 5 fluid ounces per pound of brominating product.
  • For Chlorine Generator: Add 5 to 6 ounces of No Mor Problems per 20,000 gallons of pool water per week.

No Mor Problems SDS

Safety Data Sheet for No Mor Problems


  1. Bret

    I’m a pool pro and have quite a few customers with over stabilized pools. With the cost of water in southeast Texas, draining a pool to dilute the stabilizer is quite expensive. No Mor Problems allows me to control algae with little to no effort.

    The other reviewer here may not followed the directions completely. I don’t know. Basically, for every 4 oz of product you put in, you need to put in 1 lb. of shock. This works for me on multiple pools, even my own.


    great stuff


    Have used product for over four years


    my last order was on 3/7,2016. Increased order to4 bottles.Have not had any algae in over 4 years.

  5. Terri

    Excellent product! I kept having problems with mustard algae here in Texas and for a year I spent fighting this problem. I heard about this product and tried it. I have not had a problem since. My pool is now crystal clear.

  6. Michael Murphy

    Contrary to what is stated above, like Bret I have used it with shock. The results are great. I have an approximately 16,000 gal pool so I use 3 ozs. once a week. The stuff is amazing.

  7. FT

    We’re located in Southern California, over the past year, we’ve been dealing with a green algae and couldn’t find a single product that worked. That is, until we found Green Swamp Treat.

    After the GST treatment completely eliminated our algae problem, it became a question of maintaining the pool. I went back online to see if this company had something comparable to 60% polyquat I had been using (and not that happy with). That’s when I discovered No Mor Problems. Yep, another home run. Not only does NMP keep the algae at bay, this product is superior to all the clarifiers I’ve tried over the years. Like others here have said, the need for shock has been greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

    Another benefit has been water stabilization. I used to get Ph bounce and Chlorine readings all over the place. Now I just add liquid Chlorine (and/or tabs) along with a few squirts of NMP and within minutes, all 22K gallons become visibly cleaner. I’ve never seen any pool chemicals work so completely, thoroughly and quickly as NMP and GST. These are miracle products, in my book.

    Reading these reviews, from both pros and guys like me, confirms my experience was not an anomaly. Wish I had known Garry four years ago, he could have saved me a ton of money!

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