Ultimate Guide to Pool Filters

Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to Pool Filters! Filtration is an integral part of keeping your pool clean. Here we go over how filters work, the different filter types, and how to choose the right filter for you. We also included a bit of troubleshooting to keep your filter running strong. Let’s dive in! How Pool Filters Work Pool Filters all work similarly; the pool pump pushes water into the filtration unit, where it passes through a medium and is then returned to the pool. The filter media traps dirt, debris and algae. As more debris becomes trapped, the pressure […]

Do phosphates in pools really matter?

There is a debate in the industry whether phosphates in pools really matter. One side says using phosphate removers are an integral part of maintaining an algae free pool, while the other says it’s a total waste of money. In this article, we break down the science to give you an answer. What are Phosphates? Phosphates are a type of ion with the formula (PO4). When a phosphate containing compound is added to water, it will form Phosphoric Acid[1]. Phosphates serve several functions in water. Phosphates act as a detergent, as a buffering compound, and as a sequestering agent for […]

How to get rid of algae FAST in 2 days

So you need to get rid of Pool Algae Fast You need to get a pool cleaned up in a hurry. Maybe you take care of your own pool and have a party coming this weekend. Maybe you’re a professional service company, and your customer is in a panic. Either way, you need to get rid of algae in a pool fast. In this article, we’re going to show you how to get rid of algae in a pool quickly and break down the steps you’ll need to cover in the next 48 hours. So let’s not waste any more […]