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But before you go, to help with your algae here is a one-time-only special offer!

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39.98 31.98 – SAVE 20%

You’re frustrated with your having algae. Swamp Treat™ will get rid of it fast, while No Mor Problems® will keep it from coming back. All that there’s left for you to do is enjoy your pool again.

Everything you need for 20,000 gallons (except the chlorine)

100% Performance Guaranteed[/vc_column_text]
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Get Rid of Algae Fast with Swamp Treat™

Use our most powerful algaecide – Swamp Treat™ – to get rid of your algae fast in one shot.

Keep Algae from Coming back with No Mor Problems®

Just add 5 ounces for every couple tabs, pound, or gallon of chlorine

Just a few ounces will eliminate the frustrations of keeping algae, bacteria and cloudy water out of your pool.

Prevents all types of algae
Eliminates Shocking
 Acts as a clarifier
 Works independant of Cyanuric Acid and Phosphate Levels
Just add a few ounces every time you add sanitizer

Swamp Treat™

1 pound treats 20,000 gallons

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling. Always add Swamp Treat™ directly to pool or spa.

  1. For swimming pools, add 1 pounds of Swamp Treat™ per 20,000 gallons by broadcasting directly onto pool water surface.
  2. Brush pool or spa.
  3. Independent of chlorine level, immediately add liquid or dry chlorinating product for super-chlorination. Use the recommended dosage rate for superchlorination from an EPA registered chlorinating product.
  4. Before swimming, use test kit for measuring chlorine level, as directed on your chlorinating product label. Do not enter the water or swim until the chlorine residual drops to 3 ppm.

No Mor Problems®

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling. Always add No Mor Problems® directly to pool or spa.

Initial Treatment

For every 5000 gallons of pool water, add 3 fluid ounces of No Mor Problems® DIRECTLY to the pool water. For every 5000 gallons of pool water, add the chlorinating product to the pool water as directed by the label of an EPA registered chlorinating product. DO NOT ADD NO MOR PROBLEMS® AND CHLORINATING PRODUCT DIRECTLY TOGETHER.

Maintenance Treatment

Use No Mor Problems® when adding chlorinating or brominating products directly to the pool water. Use the recommended dosage rate of an EPA Registered chlorinating or brominating product.

  • For Dry and Liquid Chlorine: Add 5 to 6 ounces of No Mor Problems® for every 2 (3-inch) chlorinating tablets or every pound (dry) or gallon (liquid) chlorinating product.
  • For Lithium Hypochlorite: Add 3 fluid ounces for every pound of Lithium Hypochlorite.
  • For Bromine: Add 5 fluid ounces per pound of brominating product.
  • For Chlorine Generator: Add 5 to 6 ounces of No Mor Problems per 20,000 gallons of pool water per week.
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