Simulated Iron Stains

Iron Stain

Iron is one of the most common types of pool stains. Iron can be introduced to water at the source (as such with well water), by plumbing where galvanized pipes are used, or by the surrounding environment (fertilizer, dirt, debris).

Iron stains can appear a light tan color to a deep dark reddish brown. Iron stains are common around return lines.

Iron Staining Recommendations

First and foremost, attempt to identify the source of the iron. If you can identify where the iron is coming from you may be able to reduce the amount of iron entering the water in the future.

For iron staining, we recommend either Citrus Treat (for light stains) or Pool Stain Treat (for heavier stains). Simply add the recommended dosage to the pool. For wide spread staining, dissolve the chemical in a bucket prior to adding: this will prevent “clean streaks” from appearing.

We also recommend that you lower your Total Alkalinity 10-20 ppm to prevent future stains. In addition, Pool Stain Treat can be added every 60 days to bind iron in the water and prevent stains from returning.


Stain Solutions

Pool Stain Treat®


Stain Solutions

Citrus Treat™